Signature Milk Chocolate Bar

Mast Brothers

Signature Milk Chocolate Bar
  • £6.50
Signature milk chocolate blend.
Made from 60% Madagascar cacao blended with cane sugar, cocoa butter and buttermilk.
Cacao origin: Madagascar.

Based in New York, Mast Brothers was founded by brothers Rick & Michael Mast in 2007.
'We are introducing chocolate to the world with an obsessive attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, groundbreaking innovation, and inspirational simplicity.
We make our signature chocolate bars, beverages, and confections with an emphasis on clarity of flavour.'
Mast sources directly with regions around the world, discovering the rarest and most complex Cacao around.
Mast pays far beyond commodity and fair trade minimums and has been instrumental in developing new growing regions.
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