Honeycomb Sea Sponge

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Honeycomb Sea Sponge
  • Honeycomb Sea Sponge
  • Honeycomb Sea Sponge
  • Honeycomb Sea Sponge
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This sponge is the finest quality of natural sponge available – they are silky soft, highly absorbent and create a luxurious lather.
This is because they are gathered from the Mediterranean where the cooler sea temperature and greater depths create very strong dense sponges.
Sustainably harvested in Mediterranean Sea.

Diameter: 13 - 16 cm.

The Natural Sea Sponge Companies Quality Promise
Natural sea sponges are a biodegradable renewable natural resource.
Scientific studies have confirmed that regular harvesting of the sponges enhances the health and population.
In fact many areas where sponges are harvested are marine protected areas for this reason.
All the sponges are inspected by the relevant Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to be certified for export.
The divers harvest the sponges individually by cutting the sponge at the base, leaving the ‘roots’ intact and enabling the sponge to re-grow.
Only sponges above 5” are permitted to be harvested leaving the smaller ones to grow. Sponges also have the ability to regenerate from the smallest fragment so when the sponges are disturbed by the divers moving on the sea bed they release cells and multiply.
Therefore areas that are fished for sponges will have a larger sponge population that one that is not.
All the materials used in the packaging and processing are recyclable.
We always buy our sponges directly from the local divers at fair prices, therefore supporting the local community in that area and ensuring the old tradition of sponge fishing are not lost.
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